X-Golf is similar to an unlimited monthly gym membership. For one low monthly fee (its only $150 per month at Maderas!) you can come to as many one hour classes at the X-Golf facility as you like. Each day you will learn and practice a specific golf skill using fun apparatus, and then you will be challenged in the daily competition. For those of you who love to compete, there is a daily leaderboard, and all results will get tracked by graph in your personal locker so you can measure your progress. 

The X-Golf App is fun and easy to use. You can sign up for classes at the location and times that suit your busy schedule, and see over 50 skill videos to help you improve your game. 

 Sign up now at www.x-golf.net for $150 per month and you’ll receive some amazing benefits.

  • Unlimited Sessions at Maderas Golf Club in San Diego, CA
  • World Class Instruction from Chris Mayson and his team of coaches
  • Access to ALL over 50 instructional videos
  • Access to the X-Golf App
  • The ability to track all your x-Golf PR’s and Stats
  • View all the different leaderboards around the world
  • Win Cool Prizes